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Very clear, good communication. Let me know ahead of time how long an oil change would take, double checked oil type for my car, and sent me a text when the change was done. Couldn't ask for more.

Seems like a great place and I will keep coming back for oil changes.
I returned to this facility after having been there a few times in the past.  My  past experiences were all good, but this one was even better - better than any other one I've ever been to.

They took me right away, and gave me the fairly cheap price I had gotten last time, even though I didn't have any coupons.  The guy was super nice, even to some old guy that came in for coffee (not sure if he was a customer or not).  He even listened very politely to the story the guy told about how coffee was discovered by some shepherd in So America who noticed some sheep were unusually energetic after eating from a coffee tree.  They have a Keurig coffee machine for customers, by the way.

When I got back in my car, there was a party napkin with a Ghiradeli chocolate square on it.  Nice touch, I thought.  All in all a very pleasant experience.  I'll certainly remember them next time.

Also, they now do oil changes, and gave a 20% off card, making it about $28 or so for my car.  So, if you need an oil change, you might want to think about killing 2 birds with one stone.  Not that there is a real shortage of stones or anything...
Hands down the best customer service I've had. They helped me with everything, gave me information I needed. You can bring them the oil and filter you want and they'll give your car an oil change for cheap. I highly recommend this place for everyone.

Also, I had a new battery just put in my car and  they ran the test to check if the monitor will pass before charging me and telling me I failed (because the monitor has to all reset). So they didn't just take my money, they helped.
Thank you smog repair for your service! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I paid my bill and found they left a chocolate for me in my car. CLASS ACT, I WILL BE BACK!
I went and get smog check at his location where Luis helped me and gave the best customer service and he delivered me as promised I highly reccomend this location for  smog check and car repairs and see Luis specially he is awesome
This review is for SMOG Check Only!!!!!
Went in this morning for a SMOG check for my car. went in at 8:30 it was a walk in and was done in 30 mins and out by 9:00. Used a coupon and all I paid was $27 no BS no hidden fees. Great customer service. The person at the front desk was polite, professional, and friendly. The service was great. They also do oil change and other mechanical issues.
Will try them for oil change in the future and see how it goes.
This place is the best!  Steven the owner is so awesome.

So my car battery died a few days ago and I was referred here through a friend.  Not only did Steven (the owner) see me the same day, he also had me out of there super quick, was totally professional and great to deal with.  I felt like him and his team worked together really well and were able to get to the bottom of the problem quickly and fix it fast.

As a young single girl, I have had a lot of really bad experiences at repair shops in the past where I felt like I was being totally scammed (at a Honda dealership in Scottsdale, AZ: the guy said that some special belt needed to be replaced so I brought my boyfriend back to talk to him more about it and it turns out that the type of belt he told me was broken doesn't even exist!) so I really appreciate a place like this where I know that I can trust my mechanic and his team.

Maybe it stemmed from being referred from someone I trusted already, but I felt comfortable bringing up some other smaller things that had been bothering me over the last few months (like a weird notification light on the dash, some electrical issues with the radio etc.) and they were able to diagnose those issues quickly as well and offer some great solutions at a super reasonable price.

Their waiting room is super clean and comfy, the receptionist was really friendly and they also have this really cool water system in their waiting room called FloWater which was really nice.  Parking is pretty easy here too as they have their own lot.

I have already been referring friends to this shop and will definitely be back soon as I have officially designated Smog Repair & Lube as my go-to shop for all things auto!

Thanks Steven, Mike & the rest of the team - you guys rock and I totally appreciate you!!!
Great service & a great price! But that's not it. The people working here are kind and fair, and on top of that there's kinder's next door so you can eat a great sub while waiting (shortly) for your car to be done. Highly recommended.
Ps. They even leave you a tasty desert on the dash of your car:)
Came in right when they opened for a smog check.  It was fast and easy.  The staff was very nice and professional!  Waited about 8 minutes and everything was perfect.
I came in at about 10 am on a Tuesday for a smog check and I was out by 1045! Super fast service and the staff is friendly! I used the Yelp check in coupon and only paid $33 with the certification.
I needed to get a smog check at the last minute and was very thankful that they were open on a Sunday morning.  They even had a Yelp deal.  I walked in without an appointment and was out within 40 minutes.  The girl at the front desk was very helpful.  I highly recommend
I came in with a mailer coupon for a smog check for the first time. I was greeted with a smile and the feeling that they were right on top of it. Stevie, the front dedk gal, was quick, professional, and friendly. I asked her where I could go to grab a coffee  and  she  showed me  where they offer  coffee and  walked me through it! I love the decor of this place! There is a couch that looks like a car trunk with a seat in it. Lots of fun photos of vintage cars and old out of state license plates! An old jukebox is the coffee stand. There are two gas pumps that are in beautiful shape and historic as well. Current magazines were available and full windows for lots of light. My car was done in like 10 minutes!! With my receipt, I was given a coupon for 20% off of an oil change. Pretty awesome way to get repeat customers! But I would come back here anyway!!
Just got my smog test done here.  Service was fast and the receptionist was very friendly.  They even helped me install a rear windshield wiper.  Great service
This is the the second time I've been to this place and they are amazing. In and out in 18 minutes. The receptionist is super friendly and nice. I used the yelp offer for a smog check and cert $33 out the door and they are true to their offers it was $33 out the door. No hidden fees.

I love this place and will continue to come back and refer all my friends. Thanks for an awesome experience in an annoying mandatory smog check every other year. Makes the smog check a little less annoying.
This place is as good as it gets!

Great service. Fastest oil change I've ever received. Returning customer and will stay that, as well as recommend anyway in the area to head here when it's time to get that oil change!